No spark of a doubt, årabrot is the best thing that happend to the nihilistic world since Isidore Lucien Ducasse. The band based in oslo | norway could represent gods willpower, if you stick to plain concepts, but we asure you – they do not! Mindwise they are not like you or us, they come from interzone. Kjetil Nernes and Vidar Evensen (former member Jon Øvstedal on the rep.rep release) do live among us, the music of årabrot instead is a channel to go beyond the void of creation.

Formed in 2001 the band ever since followed the path of perfection. Influenced by a great diversity of genuine music, årabrot works like an organism, so kjetil an d vidar might not be able to breath without their focused transcriptions. No wonder they won the renowned engineers billy anderson as the team steve albini & bob weston for their productions. Årabrot is noise-rock for the fearless!
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