i scream, you scream, we all scream for weed. And thats all you get from this wild horde of english noise-kids. 'cause action beat plays mainly instrumental noise-rock with too many guitars and too many drums. And a bass of course, would be scary smoking dope and than no bass streaming out of your speaker. It's a wounderful breed – plastic stomp beats, a rolling fat bass and flirring crushing guitars. And it's coming in waves!

Formed 2007 by james carney and don mclean as a bass|drum duo the band later on grew like the plants in your basement so that we remember concerts with up to 14 musicians on stage. But the very first concert happend in a kids birthday-party, after 15 minutes james jumped screaming into don's drumkit. At nights when we can't get asleep, we're trying to remember all bandmembers names – don, web, taylor, hairy harry, james, dean, danny … ähhhhmm …
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